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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Book of Shadows
Book Blessing Thirteen Powers of the Witch Wiccan Law Wiccan Rede
13 Wiccan Principles Charge of the Goddess Charge of the God Before Time Was...
Cakes & Ale Wheel of the Year Sabbats Esbats
Rituals Circle Casting Invocation & Evocation Quarter Calls
Altars Athame, Bolline, Dagger, & Sword Basket Bell
Book of Shadows Broom Candles & Wax Cauldron
Pentagram/Pentacle Wand, Rod, Stang, & Staff Witch's Bottle Animals
Astral Projection Astrology Aura Breathing
Chakras Divination Dowsing Dreams & Visions
Gods, Goddesses, & Pantheons Herbs Meditation Moon
Palmistry Reiki Runes Scrying
Spells Tarot As Above, So Below Binding & Banishing
Caduceus Charms Cleansing, Consecrating, & Empowering (CCE) Color
Correspondences Elements Elementals Fairies & Devas
Gems & Stones Magick Sigils, Symbols, & Magickal Alphabets Talismans, Amulets, & Defixiones
Tetragram/Tetragrammaton Tree of Life Pagan Pride Terms & Definitions