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Thirteen Powers of the Witch

Thirteen Powers of the Witch

Thirteen powers do Witches claim
their right of lineage by (say the name of your patron god or goddess here) name
Tie a knot and say the words
or hand on head the blessing conferred.
A Witch can give success in love
curse or bless through god/goddess above.
Speak to beasts and spirits alike
command the weather; cast out a blight.
Read the heavens and stars of the night
divine the future and give good advice.
Conjure treasure and bring fortune to bear
heal the sick and kill despair.
This is my birthright to have and to share
blessing's upon you (the person's name),
and may the spirits be fair.

From: The Solitary Witch by Silver RavenWolf. Llewellyn Publications: 2004.