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O' starry night, will my wish come true?
My desires, my needs are known only to you
I am longing to hear answers yet I fear them.
Will you grant me my wishes or will you tell me that it is not my time?
Everyday it seems to get harder to go on
O' Goddess why don't you tell me what you want me to do?
It seems that everyday for each step I take I am pushed back two.
Memories of the good times are faded fast
And I fear that I will soon forget what true bliss is.
My heart grows harder and colder each moment that passes.
But I will wait until I no longer remember,
And yet I will still be waiting for you to show me the way.
I know that my time here is short and getting shorter.
My dreams are of you and I know you are near
But I am lost my Goddess and I need you.
Please show me the way; show me that I am not lost.

© 2008 Cassie Fouts