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Welcome to my world, baby,
What do you want, what do you desire
I can give you everything,
But are you willing to pay,
To pay what I ask of you,
Welcome to a place of voodoo,
A place of magick and everything,
I can show you your hopes and dreams,
I can even show you your fears,
I can make your nightmares real,
The price for everything is simple,
All I ask is for you to give me yourself,
I will make you my slave,
My slave to my world of voodoo,
Tell me if you want everything,
Let me show what I can give you,
Tell me that you are my slave,
The magick of voodoo works so much better,
When the subject is willing.
Can you make the sacrifice, now or never,
This is your chance to have everything,
Give yourself to me and to the voodoo.

© 2008 Cassie Fouts