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Let's take a trip to the moon,
Blast to the moon, baby
A trip to the stars, to the unknown,
I can feel the pain, the pleasure,
I feel it each and everyday,
Are you ready for lift-off?
Baby, time to leave this pathetic life behind,
No more fantasies, no more dreams,
I need nothing, I want nothing,
I no longer know the difference between pain and pleasure.
How long will this trip last?
I don't know and I don't care.
Keep away, don't try to stop me,
I must take this trip, I am beckoned,
The moon calls me, the stars call me,
The pain is gone yet it is still there,
Pleasure is a waste, never lasts,
This trip must happen, I must go,
When will this trip end?

© 2008 Cassie Fouts