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~Sweet Dreams~

The butterflies have returned
And stars are shining oh so brightly.
Love is in the air and there are no worries.
The air smells so sweetly of flowers and morning dew.
Wind blows gently and is the only sign of movement.
All is quiet, all but the birds and sounds of sweet music.
I can hear the music; I can feel the music.
I am alone with my thoughts,
But I feel as if this will be my last time,
My last time that I will enjoy this place.
A place with no sorrow or pain,
Only happiness and love.
I yearn to remain but I must leave this place
And return to a world, which knows to well,
It knows of so much hate and sorrow.
A place that knows so little of love and joy.
So it is now time to say goodbye.

© 2008 Cassie Fouts