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~My Life~

Some call me a Witch, some a Wiccan,
Others call me a Pagan, but most won't accept me.
I tell no one what I am because I know how they will respond.
Society is not truly ready to receive us.
But I can not deny what I am.
I call upon my God and Goddess to lead me.
They protect me and guide me home.
I wear a pentagram and I am called a Satanist.
There are places where I am accepted with love,
There are people who understand and care.
I have so much to learn but I will never learn it in this life.
Many lives will pass before I will truly understand.
With so many people who won't accepted me,
I am unable to grow fully in this life.
But no matter what happens, I will still be me.

© 2008 Cassie Fouts