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There is magick dancing all around us.
Can you feel it, can you hear it?
The moonlight is playing across our faces.
I wonder where this magick is coming from
Why is it that only I can know it?
I feel it running through my body
As it flows I began to dance
How long will this dance with magick last?
It calls to me night after night
Wanting, needing me to come
And night after night I answer
This magick shows me the way
This magick allows me to truly be free
Even if only for a little while
Its fire grows inside me
Its desires become one with mine
Everything I see has its own magick
The butterfly with its beauty
The eagle with its strength
The cheetah with its speed
These all show me their magick
Though I wish I could see it in its true form

© 2008 Cassie Fouts