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~Loving You~
Tell me you love me,
Show me you love me,
My love grows stronger ever minute,
There are so many uncertain things,
I don't know what I want to do with my life,
All I know is that I want you,
I want you to take me in your arms,
I need you to be by my side for all time,
But please don't break my heart,
All I ask is the truth and to be your only one.
I have given you my heart, my love,
No matter what happens I will always love you.
I long for the moment when we will be together,
When we will be together forever,
We have made it so far, over so many obstacles,
You have waited, I have waited,
Waited for the time when we could be together,
Every moment that you are not by my side,
I feel alone, I feel like crying,
I love you so much more than words,
So much more than words could ever say.
I am loving you eternally.

© 2008 Cassie Fouts