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To see if a mount is overlarge, well developed or lean you need to compare it to the other mounts in the hand.

MOUNT OF JUPITER : Located at the base of the index finger it represents your self worth. If you are confident the mount will be well rounded. If it covers a wide area it shows you are generous. If it is high it suggests bossiness.

MOUNT OF SATURN : Is found under the middle finger. A large mount indicates a gloomy attitude.

MARS POSITIVE : Is tucked into the crease of the thumb. Well developed it represents courage and a fighting spirit. If it is flat it indicates a cruel streak..

MOUNT OF VENUS : Found at the base of the thumb. Heavily developed it shows a strong sex drive. Underdeveloped shows poor health.

MOUNT OF NEPTUNE : Sits in the middle at the base of the palm. If it is well developed it shows a charismatic person.

MOUNT OF APOLLO : Found at the base of the ring finger. A strongly developed mount indicates an interest in the arts.

MOUNT OF MERCURY : Found at the base of the little finger. Being well developed indicates a warm, receptive nature. Underdeveloped shows a loner.

PLAIN OF MARS : Lies in the middle of the nine mounts. When overdeveloped it shows the person has a temper. Underdeveloped indicates a shy person.

MARS NEGATIVE : Found on the outside edge between mercury and Luna. If this is well developed it indicates staying power and a good ability to cope under pressure.

MOUNT OF LUNA : Found in the bottom corner of the hand under the mars negative. Well developed it indicates psychic ability.