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Contrary to popular opinion palmistry is not just a way telling what will happen but also a way of finding out why things happen. This is so true when we look at the heart line.

The heart line is not reliable when it comes to timing events therefore using it as a timing gauge is not recommended.

Imagaine two heart lines extending from the edge of the hand below the little finger to between the first and second fingers. The first line is a deep curve while the second heart line is more straight.

The curved line is active in romantic matters while the straight line is passive. The curved heart line is aggressive in love, the straight is receptive.

The curved line is demonstrative while the straight line thinks about it. Interestingly the curved line is much more common on male hands while the straight line is more common on female hands.

A heart line that becomes a steep curve below the index and middle finger indicates someone who has a strong sexual desire. If the heart line ends up under the index finger it indicates someone who is choosy about their partner.

In studying the hands of many married people I hace found that in cases where the marraige is a success the partners tend to have similar heart lines.

It is rare for the heart line to end up under the middle finger. People with this line tend to be dominated by the need for love.

I have often found this line on the hand of call girls.

When the heart line is straight and short I have noticed these people have no romance only just a crude sex drive. People with a straight heart line ending on the mount of Jupiter tend to make good welfare workers. I also find these people tend to drop out of society and go live on a commune.

Two or more branches on the heart line indicate a corresponding number of different sides to the emotional nature. A heart line that has a strong branch that reaches down and touches the life line indicates someone who is easily heart in love.