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(June 20-23)
Litha, also called Midsummer and Summer Solstice, celebrates the abundance and beauty of the Earth. This is the longest day of the year, and will fall somewhere between the dates above depending on when the Sun is at its northern most point. From this day on, the days will wane, growing shorter and shorter until Yule. The trees and fields are full and prosperous. The young animals and birds are learning to live and frolic in the fields and trees. This is a time of the Faery, when a festival called the Feast of the Faery is held. It is believed that at twilight on this day, the portals between worlds open and the Faery folk my pass into our world. Welcome them on this day and they may bless you with their wisdom and joy. This is a time to look internally at the seeds you've planted that should be at full bloom.