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The sixth sign of the zodiac is concerned with cleanliness, reliability and home.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: virgo is the mutual earth sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to stop playing the victim
PERSONALITY: Positive: gentle, generous and kind. Negative: undemostrative and hypochondriac
SECRET VIRGO: wants to play the victim
APPEARANCE: tall and slim
HOME: a home is everything to the virgo, without it they are lost
WORK: is a very good worker and does well in nursing
LOVE: virgo should never marry a libra, in fact they go well with other virgo.
SEX: sex is not a high priority for virgo
FRIENDS: a virgo friend is a friend for life.
LEISURE: loves being at home and enjoys the garden
HEALTH: heart, blood pressure, eyes and diabeties are all areas to watch
FAMOUS VIRGO: Twiggy, Sean Connery and Sophia Loren

A Virgo will expect perfection on their partner. Learn to be patient in dealing with your Virgo.
Keep your place clean and tidy, Virgo's dont like messiness.
Dont just be a lover to your Virgo, also be their best friend.
Never try to feed your Virgo something they dont like, Virgo's are touchy about what they eat and their health.
Virgo's like the quite life and will not want to be thrust in the spotlight.