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The second sign of the zodiac is concerned with money, true love, trustworhiness and security.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: taurus is fixed earth sign of the zodiac and represents loyalty.
SPIRITUAL GOAL: in each incarnation the true goal of taurus is to find their soul mate.
PERSONALITY: Positive: conservative, dependable, calm and loving. Negative: stubborn, and be warned - never betray a taurus!
SECRET TAURUS: takes the long term view.
APPEARANCE: sturdy body, face often rounded.
TAURUS AT HOME: enjoys comfort and luxury
AS A PARENT: of all the star signs taurus makes the best parent
WORK: hard worker, prepared to work long hours, usually self employed.
LOVE: lucky is the starsign that finds a taurus partner, but be warned - a taurus will never forgive a betrayal.
SEX: sex is not important, its all love or nothing for the taurus
FRIENDS: will expect absolute loyalty
INTERESTS: painting, horse riding and collecting things.
HEALTH: watch your kidneys and thyroid.
FAMOUS TAUREANS: Barbra Streisand, Cher and Sigmund Freud

Lucky are those that have a Taurus for their partner.
The Taurus love their food so cook your Taurus their favorite dish.
Candlelight settings and romantic music are the way to the heart of your Taurus.
Cuddling and hugging is a favorite with Taurus.
No matter what, a Taurus will always be there for you, they will never let you down.
Always be supportive of your Taurus.
A Taurus is very generous towards their partner, so expect gifts.
Your Taurus likes a sincere compliment.
Be patient with Taurus in a relationship, they start slow but build for the long term.
Never lie to your Taurus, for a Taurus will never forget of forgive.
Taurus is dependable and needs a partner who is also dependable.
Never try to push a Taurus into making a decision, they will only become more stubborn.
Once a Taurus mind is made up forget about changing it, for they would sooner die than give ground.
If your looking for a short fling forget a Taurus, they are their for life.
Never try to make a Taurus jealous for you will loose them for sure.