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The eighth sign of the zodiac us concerned with sensuality, passion, secrets and taboos.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: scorpio is the fixed water sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to learn the meaning of real love
PERSONALITY: Positive: passionate, emotional, understanding. Negative: jealous, liar and suspicous
SECRET SCORPIO: keep their true nature hidden
RULING PLANET: both mars and pluto
APPEARANCE: passionate eyes, strong build
HOME: likes a country enviroment, forget the city
WORK: sometimes a bit lazy, usually prefers not to work
LOVE: passionate in love, high sex drive and has a reputation for being unfaithfull, especially the male.
SEX: likes lots of partners
FRIENDS: make good frinds, but quite often get used
LEISURE: horse riding, dogs, animals, camping
HEALTH: back, reproductive system
FAMOUS SCORPIO: Goldie Hawn, Prince Charles and Pablo Picasso

Scorpio tends to fall in love at first sight.
Be ready and willing to talk about your deepest held secrets and fantasy's.
A scorpio likes a partner with natural sex appeal.
Scorpio tends to have a never ending appetite for sex, if you cant keep up they may move on.
Scorpio usually likes to have the music playing when making love.
The scorpio male is the most unfaithfull of all the stars, and is usually attracted to married women, be warned.
Scorpio likes to hear the words "I love you" a million times a day.
Try not to make your scorpio jealous as they will respond in a way you may not like.
If your scorpio thinks your losing interest they will move on quickly, Scorpio's have a habit of falling in and out of love easily.