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The ninth sign of the zodiac is concerned with philosophy, enviroment, travel and justice

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: sagittarius is the mutable fire sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to help others, especiallyt animals and the enviroment
PERSONALITY: Positive: optimistic, spiritual, honest and inspiring. Negative: impatient, argumentive and tends to preach
LUCK: Colours: blue; Plant: oak; Gemstone: lapis; Tarot: temperence
APPEARANCE: strong build and energetic
HOME: should live in country, not city, needs wide open spaces.
LOVE: is most happy when he or she is loved
SEX: likes lots of foreplay
FRIENDS: likes lots of friends but often prefers the company of animals to people
LEISURE: being outdoors, travel and exploration
HEALTH: asthma, artheritis and hips are weak areas for sagittarius
FAMOUS SAGITTARIUS: Frank Sinatra, Walt Disney and Sammy Davies Jr

Make sure to give your Sagittarius plenty of room to move.
Your sagittarius will like to take long walks in the countryside.
Camping and weekends away on short notice are a favorite for a Sagittarius.
Sagittarius like bright, happy people. Being depressed will turn a Sagittarius off.
Sagittarius likes to joke around, so keep your wits about you.
Never tell a Sagittarius their wrong, they may be offended.
Sagittarius dont like a confined space.
Dont rush a relationship with a Sagittarius, they like to take their time and put the relationship to the test.