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The twelth sign of the zodiac is concerned with compassion, dreams, art and drama.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: pisces is the mutual water sign of the zodiac.
SPIRITUAL GOAL: learn the meaning of peace
PERSONALITY: Positive: caring, trusting and mystical Negative: gullible, sensationalist and depressive
SECRET PISCES: they are a dreamer
RULING PLANET: jupiter and neptune
LUCK: Colour: violet; Plant: lotus; Gemstone: amethyst; Tarot: moon
APPEARANCE: usually short and thick set
HOME: usually untidy, likes an unusual house
LOVE: romantic and easy to please
SEX: sex is an act of love for a piscean
FRIEND: become emotionally attached to their friends, quite often used.
LEISURE: movies, theatre and travel
HEALTH: stomach and bowell area need to be watched

Enjoy the theatre and museum, these are favorite hangouts for Pisces.
Pisces love to watch love stories, not rambo, so choose wisely at the video store.
Pisces believe in soul mates.
Lovemaking should be sensual, never sexual with a Pisces.
Pisces are not strongly interested in financial matters, prefering to leave these things to their partner.
Pisces are daydreamers, they live in the spiritual world, not the material.
When giving a gift, something in the way of a painting will be a good choice.
Pisces want the whole cinderalla routine, flowers, roses, on your knees proposal.