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The seventh sign of the zodiac is concerned with appearance, partys and manners

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: libra is the cardinal air sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to learn about family
PERSONALITY: Positive: charming, communicative and cooperative. Negative: narcisstic, indecissive and overbearing
SECRET LIBRA: terrified of being alone
LUCK: Colour: purple; Plant: aloe; Gemstone: emerald; Tarot: justice
APPEARANCE: generally well balanced
HOME: prefers to be out and about rather than at home
WORK: good worker, especially trade work.
LOVE: often unfaithfull and likes to move from partner to partner
SEX: sometimes likes the kinky stuff
FRIENDS: likes lots of friends and making new ones
LEISURE: drinking, partys and travel
FAMOUS LIBRA: Oscar Wilde, Bridgette Bardot and John Lennon.

Learn to develop an interset in the arts and music, your Libra will appreciate this.
Always pay a compliment to your Libra.
Ask for your Libra's opinion, they always want to have their say.
Expect your Libra to be a slow desicion maker, they tend to procrastinate.
Libra's tend to be early rises in the morning and will expect the same of you.
Libra's tend to be a bit arrogant but dont remind them.
Avoid pushing your Libra into making a major desicion, they like to take their time.