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The fifth sign of the zodiac is concerned with pleasures, creativity and entertainment.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: leo is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to learn the true meaning of love
PERSONALITY: Positive: happy disposition, friendly and generosity. Negative: arrogant, moody and short tempered.
SECRET LEO: secretly craves love more than anything else in the world
APPEARANCE: usually short and slim with dark hair.
HOME: offers exellant hospitality
WORK: good first impressions only to cause problems with co-workers later on.
LOVE: leo males and females are complete opposites when it comes to love. the male is loving, caring and stable. the female is emotionally unstable in love and oftens has numerous marriages in a lifetime.
SEX: without a doubt the female is the best in bed of all the star signs
FRIENDS: tends to move from friend to friend
LEISURE: theatre, partys and cigarettes
HEALTH: back, eyes and heart are areas to watch
FAMOUS LEO'S: Robert Redford, Napoleon Bonaparte and Mick Jagger

Make sure you always tell your Leo how beautiful they are.
Leo will always love to recieve gifts and flowers.
Leo loves to bathe in the spotlight, dont take a table in the corner of a restaurant, make sure you sit where everyone can see you and your Leo.
Your Leo can be pretty active in the bed so dont expect much sleep.
Learn to be submissive, you Leo will want to dominate the relationship.
Your Leo likes to flirt around, but dont be caught doing the same yourself.
Show your Leo how much they mean to you.
If you ignore your Leo they will probably throw a temper tantrum.
Let your Leo have the spotlight or they will feel jealous.
Your Leo has an inflated vanity, its best just to feed it.