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The third sign of the zodiac is concerned with communication, freedom and curiosity.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: gemini is the mutual air sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: learning how to get on with others
PERSONALITY: Positive: inquisitive, entertaining and youthfull. Negative: restless, impatient and manipulative.
SECRET GEMINI: same as taurus, finding their soul mate, in fact taurus and gemini are very compatable together.
LUCK: Colour: orange Tarot: lovers Gemstone: garnet Plant: orchid
APPEARENCE: body is usually slim.
AT HOME: likes space to move around in.
AS A PARENT: gets on the childs wavelength
WORK: gets things done and works well with other people
LOVE: is very sensitive and gets hurt easily.
SEX: sex for the gemini is very emotional
FRIENDS: will always help a friend in need
LEISURE: tennis, travel and crosswords.
HEALTH: watch your lungs and eyes.
FAMOUS GEMINIS: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Bob Dylan.


Gemini enjoys the game of flirting.
Gemini often likes to play with more than one partner.
Play hard to get, Gemini enjoys the challange.
Gemini usually likes well educated people.
Likes to be kept up late at night talking.
Give a Gemini plenty of free space.
Keep things fresh, for if a Gemini gets bored they will move on.
Gemini hates jealousy.
Try to be a good listener when your Gemini speaks.
Never be too traditional with a Gemini, try to spice it up a bit.