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The tenth sign of the zodiac is concerned with planning, responsibility, authority and accomplishmernt

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: capricorn is the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to understand the feelings of others
PERSONALITY: Positive: organizing skills, respectful and realistic. Negative: egotistical, unforgiving and status seeker
LUCK: Colour: green; Plant: willow; Gemstone: onyx; Tarot: devil
APPEARANCE: stockily built
HOME: great pride in their home, likes the finest of furniture and fixtures
WORK: strong sense of duty, makes a good lawer
LOVE: more interested in the appearance of love than real love
SEX: sex is important for a capricorn
FRIENDS: likes friends who are succesfull and powerful
LEISURE: team sport, golf and chess
HEALTH: problems with back, bones and sterility
FAMOUS CAPRICORNS: Muhammed Ali, Elvis Presley and Marlene Dietrich

Appearances mean a lot to a Capricorn, find out what your Capricorn likes and adopt it.
Capricorns have a strong interest in their work, you should also.
Capricorns like to recieve gifts, but only something expensive.
Try not to rile your Capricorn as they can have a bad temper.
A Capricorn is slow to commit so learn to be patient.
Be carefull of your behaviour in public a Capricorn hates to be embarrased.
Always stand by your promise.