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The fourth sign of the zodiac is concerned with home, dreams and comfort.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: cancer is the cardinal water sign of the zodiac.
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to find balance
PERSONALITY: Positive: compassionate, helpful and protective Negative: possessive, moody and selfish.
SECRET CANCER: puts on a front, inside they feel unsure of themselves.
LUCK: Colours: yellow Plant: almond Tarot: chariot Gemstone: moonstone
APPEARANCE: usually slim
AT HOME: likes cooking and tends to spoil visitors
WORK: works steady and is reliable
LOVE: expects tho other to make the moves, sometimes make too many demands on their partner.
SEX: sometimes get confussed between love and sex.
FRIENDS: friends are usually regared as being part of the family.
LEISURE: enjoy joining clubs, sailing and gardening.
HEALTH: watch your breasts, reproductive area, stomach and back.
FAMOUS CANCERIANS: Bill Cosby, Princess Dianna and Rembrandt.

Cancer loves to recieve flowers.
Give a cancer plenty of attention.
Cancer likes to have long quite evenings at home with their partner.
Always remember special; days like valentines day or the first day you met.
Cancer's loved to be loved, engulf them in your love and emotion.
Cancer's love to recieve special cards.
Never make fun of your Cancer they may take you seriously and get hurt.
Cancer can sometimes be a bit manipulative when it suits them.
Cancer prefers a slow courtship.
Always show respect to family members.