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The first sign of the zodiac is concerned with action, winning, exploration and control.

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac. Aries usually takes the initiative.
SPIRITUAL GOAL: To learn how to love unselfeshly.
PERSONALITY: Positive: leader, energetic, loves a callenge. Negative: brash, selfish, intolerence.
LUCK: Colour: red; Plant: lily; Animal: ram; Gemstone: ruby; Tarot: magician
APPEARENCE: BODY : lean and strong. FACE : somewhat piercing
HOME: When at home aries wants to be the top dog.
AS A PARENT: usually insists on strict disipline.
WORK: usually self employed, not a clock watcher.
LOVE: is extremly possessive. Usually unfaithfull in a relationship.
SECRET ARIES: Thinks they are better than everyone else.
SEX: sex dominates their life, it is more important then love , you will need to be creative in bed to keep a aries satisfied.
FRIENDS: usually get on better with males, but be warned, they will try to take your wife to bed.
INTERESTS: racing cars, airplanes.
HEALTH: suffers from problems in knees, eyes and back. otherwise very healhty.
FAMOUS ARIES: Charles Chaplin, Omar Shariff, Leonardo De Vinci.

Never let an Aries win you over easily, or they will also forget you easily.
Aries likes those with an independant spirit.
Every day is a new day for Aries, so be prepared for anything.
Take pride in your Aries partner.
Always make sure to heep praise on an Aries.
Never chase an Aries.
Dont critisize an Aries or their friends.
Never ask an Aries for a loan of money.
Sex is everything to an Aries and if you say no there will be fireworks.