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The eleventh sign of the zodiac is concerned with fame, friendship and humanitarium issues

ELEMENTAL QUALITY: aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac
SPIRITUAL GOAL: to find true self confidence
PERSONALITY: Positive: communicative, loyal and independent. Negative: uncertainty, unwilling to fight for beliefs and unco-operative
RULING PLANET: uranus and saturn
LUCK: Colour: yellow Plant: aspen Gemstone: sapphire Tarot: star
APPEARANCE: often short, slim with piercing looks
HOME: enjoys houseguests and fine foods
WORK: average worker, needs creativity, makes a good photographer
LOVE: attracts the opposite sex like a magnet but never finds what their looking for
SEX: more an intellectual experience than an emotional one
FRIEND: makes a good friend but few confidents
LEISURE: photography, music, dance and arts
HEALTH: mostly healthy, watch the lungs
FAMOUS AQUARIUS: a madeus, Yoko Ono and Venessa Redgrave

Aquarius likes plenty of free space to move, otherwise they will become unhappy.
Aquarius tend to get involved in special causes and ideals, show you care.
Aquarius loves a surprise, especially if it is unusual.
Aquarius loves to talk so keep the conversation going.
Dont demand your Aquarius be too exacting as they tend to waffle around.
Be carefull what you say about the way an Aquarius dresses, they tend to be different from the norm.
Dont try and force your Aquarius to change their mind, they can become stubborn.